Village Pottery Marketplace, founded August 1, 1995, is the oldest & largest gallery in historic downtown Seagrove, NC.
     We welcome everyone to come see what we have created, an ongoing and ever changing showcase of uniquely handcrafted art.

We represent around 100 potters and
fine craftsmen, including my husband and myself.
     Our artists give the widest
variety of techniques including: raku, crystalline, horse hair, functional stoneware,
tableware, whimsical sculptural items, wood-fired art pieces, etc.
Melanie Maness Dennison

As an outgrowth of my love of clay and experience as a potter, since 1986,
participating in juried art shows,   I envisioned a welcoming showplace to sell
my art and that of my fellow potters; many of whom had expressed a need
for this. I decided to embark on a journey to
find the right place to make my dream come true. 
I found a lovely building with huge picture windows along the front,
right in the heart of downtown Seagrove, NC.

Seagrove has, for over 200 years,
been recognized as the Pottery Capital Crossroads Of America.
I realized this was the perfect venue and my opportunity
to make my vision of a continuous art show in one location come to fruition.

Many of my contemporaries in the world of clay fell in love with the idea of
having a great place to sell their art. They appreciate having more creative time in the studio, more time with family and less time on the road.

Village Pottery is centrally located, has ample parking and easy access to interstate 73/74/220 for pottery lovers from everywhere.


Village Pottery MarketPlace , My Dream Come True

Wood Fired     Raku    Crystalline    Stoneware    Dinnerware    Bakeware
Blown & Fused Glass    Basketry   Gourd Art    Jewelry   
Handmade  Artisan Soaps    Wood Craft     Christmas Corner
Village Pottery  205 East Main St  Seagrove NC 27341
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